Motorcycle quick shifter

A quickshifter is an electronic device that allows you to change gears on a motorcycle without having to dip the clutch or roll off the throttle. Most quick shifters will only enable a clutchless upshift but there are shifters that will also allow you to clutchlessly downshift. This is something that advanced riders and racers will do naturally on a motorcycle without a quick-shifter. A motorcycle quickshifter employs a sensor switch connected to the gearshift rod or lever.

When the gear lever is compressed, the switch senses this pressure and prepares the electronics for the shift. As you apply more pressure to activate the gear change, the switch momentarily cuts the spark plugs, which causes a similar effect to when you roll the throttle, which you would usually do when changing gear on a motorcycle without a quickshifter. When the ignition is cut, this essentially takes the load off the gearbox and allows the gearchange to happen. A quickshifter does all this in the blink of an eye usually under 50 millisecondsmeaning from the moment you go to change gear by putting pressure on the lever, the quickshifter is ready to go, it cuts the ignition, you change gear and it activates the spark plugs again.

Most motorcycle quickshifters work using the same principles, although each manufacturer employs different technology, components and ways of enabling a clutchless gear shift. It was called Gear Shift Assist and it was clunky, to say the least, but it did work. The time-delay between cutting the ignition and re-engaging was comparatively huge compared to modern quickshifters. They really do work. An auto-blipper indicates that the quickshifter will also work on downshifts as well as upshifts.

An auto-blipper works in a similar way as any quickshifter down when you are changing up through the gearbox but it also blips the revs to ensure that when you press down on the gear lever, the down change is smooth.

Over the past few years auto-blippers have become more popular on standard motorcycles but they tend to be more common sportsbikes. The video below shows a Kawasaki ZXR, fitted with a quickshifter and being run on a dyno.

You can see the dyno operator takes his hand off the clutch once the bike is up and running and you can see how quick and seamless the gearchanges are. The video above demonstrates an auto-blipper on a Yamaha YZF-R1 it also demonstrates the launch control, quickshifter and a pitlane limiter. A factory-fitted quick shifter has a very low chance of causing any damage to your gearbox or engine.

However, there are stories of aftermarket quickshifters causing damage to bikes and some even claiming their gearbox was destroyed because of one. It is very hard to quantify these claims as there are a a lot of different brands of quickshifters on the market b a lot of different bikes in various states of roadworthiness c incorrectly fitted quickshifters and d riders who treat their machines differently.

There are a lot of different quickshifter manufacturers on the market and the technology being used on OEM equipment is catching up with some of the aftermarket brands. HMQuickshifter are a UK company who specialise in motorcycle quickshifters but they also produce lap timers, dashboards and pitboards.

This is because there are no moving parts at all. The quickshifter works by measuring the molecular change in the shift rod when a force is applied to it. This makes them very precise devices, and this is why high budget race teams use strain gauge quickshifters—they are far superior in every way.

You can also adjust the parameters so the duration of retardation can be setup to suit your bike. As mentioned above there is no best quickshifter but HM are very popular and many people swear by them. Bazzaz is an American firm that specialises in motorcycle engine management.The LITE version already outperforms any other system on the market.

It is a simple plug and play system that is fully adjustable. It is the only system on the market that communicates with your ECU to get many vital parameters allowing the shifter blipper to give perfect shifts whatever the load, RPM, Gear or throttle position. It is also completely plug and play in a small, waterproof and compact unit.

The PRO version also adds intelligent auto warmup feature and fully adjustable per gear and band. Pit Lane Limiter. Launch control and Anti wheelie and Engine Brake Control are soon to follow via a software update.

Hi, i just had one of your HM plus SS quickshifters fitted to my 08 R1 this afternoon and i must tell you its absolutely fantastic, great service great product.

Very happy. Thanks again. This quick shifter super lite took no more than 30 mins to install. Nothing was complex about the installation, all plug and play. The quality of the wiring as an electrician was very neat and of the highest quality. Awesome customer service, very efficient delivery process received the following morningamazing product!

I can't wait to get out to the track again! Used by many Motogp teams, track day riders and road riders to allow full throttle clutch less up shifting on virtually any motorcycle. They are a stand alone system meaning that they do not require any secondary device to make it work. Start shopping now! The Hm Quickshifter Plus gives you smooth and positive gear changes. A must for the racer giving you a couple of seconds a lap or for the road rider just great fun on your favourite piece of road.

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See our customer service page for more details. Time spent shifting is time the rear wheel is not being powered. Time with an unpowered rear wheel is time lost to a competitor. On a race track, where tenths of a second matter, that's a problem. That's why race bikes have long had quickshifters — which, as the name implies, make shifts happen fast — to reduce the time the rear tire isn't pushing the bike forward. Sometimes racing technology trickles down to the bikes we ride on the street.

motorcycle quick shifter

Is it really critical to save a fraction of a second when you're accelerating onto the highway for your morning commute? Probably not. But some people like giving their clutch hand a rest, some like the high-tech feel of a quickshifter and probably a few like pretending they're a GP star.

The quickshifter on this Yamaha Tracer GT is simple and elegant in both theory and operation. Photo by Brian J. Quickshifters come in two varieties. One type assists on upshifts and the other assists on both upshifts and downshifts. Normally, on a motorcycle with no quickshifter, the rider closes the throttle.

motorcycle quick shifter

Then the rider actuates the clutch lever to decouple the drivetrain from the engine. Engine revs fall, and once there is no longer power flowing through the transmission, the gears within it are unloaded, permitting the shift dogs to release the gear combo being used. The rider then flicks the shifter to select the next gear, recouples the drivetrain to the engine by releasing the clutch lever, and finally reapplies the throttle.

To cut down the time, though, racers and street demons have long performed the clutchless upshift, which involves rolling off the throttle momentarily to unload the drivetrain, selecting the next gear, and then getting back on the gas. A quickshifter that assists on the upshift eliminates the needed motion of the throttle. Normally this is done by cutting spark or fuel to the engine momentarily.

On carbureted motorcycles, cutting fuel is not practical, so spark cut is the most practical method of interrupting engine power. This DynoJet quickshifter transducer senses both pressure and tension on the shift rod. DynoJet photo. The timing for the interruption is usually provided by a transducer mounted somewhere on the shifter or linkage. Most common add-on setups run in-line with the shift rod.

The transducer senses a change in pressure on the shifter or linkage, initiating the power interruption for the gear change. Now, of course, the other half of the equation is the downshift. Not all quickshifters are capable of managing downshifts, because the process is a bit different. Instead of cutting the engine power for a moment as on a downshift, the engine speed is raised!

Pingel quickshifters go one step further than a standard quickshifter in that they electrically actuate the shifter up or down when signaled by a button on the handlebar pressed by the rider. Pingel photo. You still need to know when to shift and you need to actuate that shift yourself. Second, they tend to work best without human interference, so on the upshift, the throttle needs to be open, and on downshift, it needs to be closed.A quickshifter or quick shifter is a device that allows clutchless shifting on a manual transmission, and is commonly found on motorcycles.

It can increase the safety and comfort of the vehicle since it eliminates the need to use the clutch or throttle before and after a gearshift.

Almost all quickshifters work on the same basis, a sensor senses the gearshift action, a microcontroller CPU processes the data and calculates the timing and cuts off ignition momentarily, resulting in reduction of load at the transmission allowing the new gear to slip and engage into its place. However the method of sensing and reducing the load can vary. Most gearshift sensors work by measuring the pressure change push or pull on the shift rod.

However, some sensors measure the molecular strain in the shift rod to determine the gearshift process instead of using a pressure switch. They can provide near-perfect gearshift in tens of milliseconds. Since load is reduced from transmission precisely if tuned correctly by microcontroller, it does less damage to use the quickshifter than clutchless gearshift without a quickshifter on a manual transmission.

The term bi-directional quickshifter means that the quickshifter works on both directions of gearshift - upshifts and downshifts. Motorcycle transmission. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Life at Lean. Retrieved Cycle World. Sport Rider. Categories : Motorcycle transmissions. Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.Hold the throttle open, bump the shift lever up and you just keep going, seamlessly engaging another gear without disrupting acceleration. But, how to motorcycle quick shifters work?

The average motorcyclist focusing on perfect upshifts will usually complete the task in around milliseconds. Even skilled riders performing clutchless upshifts only drop that number to milliseconds, and that still requires deft hands and impeccable throttle timing.

Our conscious thoughts have a lag time of 80 milliseconds, meaning there is a discrepancy in what happens and when our brains perceive it happening clocking in at slightly less than a hundredth of a second.

motorcycle quick shifter

So what if we wanted to have perfect upshifts performed entirely in 50 milliseconds or less? Most of us grasp the concepts behind shifting gears, the use of the clutch and transmission, and the relation to engine speed and thus road speed. When switching gears, we briefly cut power with the clutch and the throttle and smoothly reapply it in order to minimize a disruptive or harsh re-engagement of engine parts.

So how can we take such a complex action and effectively squeeze down its operation time to double digit milliseconds and still retain seamless transitions?

Since quick shifters dispense with the rider having to fiddle about with the clutch and throttle, we have to inform the engine and ECU of gear changes just as they happen. The way this is achieved in most cases is by simply replacing the gear shift rod with another gear shift rod incorporating a mechanical sensor, which is then connected to the ECU. Under acceleration, as your foot moves the gear shift lever upwards, this mechanical sensor informs the ECU of an impending gear change.

The ECU either cuts the ignition or cuts fueling to the engine ever so briefly as little as 15 millisecondsto take the extreme inertial forces off the drivetrain just long enough to neatly slot the next gear into place with minimal fuss. This ECU intervention mimics the throttling off and on of our gear changes, but six times faster than we can perceive it and perfectly every time.

As with most emerging tech, there are minor variances in how it can work. Some quick shifters rely on a type of positional sensor, which reads the physical state of the gear shift lever and informs the ECU in a change of position. Others use pressure sensors in the transmission itself, relying on the drivetrain pressure created by shifting without throttle adjustment to actuate the ECU response.

Roughly the exact same series of events happen, except instead of altering timing via the ECU, the ignition coil electrical supply is briefly interrupted. Aprilia also offers it as standard on their RSV4 and new Tuono, with their AQS Aprilia Quick Shift system including a secondary sensor in the gearbox that determines the currently engaged gear to further refine upshifts. MV Agusta and Ducati supply quick shifters as standard on some models, and Triumph offers a quick and easy bolt on option for the Daytona R.

The HM Quick Shifter has accurate sensors and fewer moving parts, resulting in fewer failure rates. Many, many more options are available online and elsewhere for whatever you might need. Riding with a quick shifter still requires riders to be intentional with their shifting.

They do provide a massive improvement in shifting times, and create consistent throttle throughout shifting. Do you have a quick shifter on your motorcycle? Are they worth getting just for the fun of it? Home Articles Technology.

Quickshifters: What They Are & The Best Options

By : Braden Poovey. How do motorcycle quick shifters work?One of the more popular and satisfying upgrades that track riders make to their machines is the motorcycle quickshifter. The main reasons a track day rider will opt for such an upgrade is purely for the enjoyment factor, and the fact it makes life a little easier when going up the gears on the straights.

This guide covers exactly what quickshifters are, how they work, as well as three of the most popular options available for track day riders. When travelling at full throttle down the straights, in order to change up a gear, many riders will roll off the throttle, pull in the clutch, click up a gear, release the clutch and then roll the throttle back on again. You may have even adopted the clutchless upshift method, which does away with any use of the clutch altogether.

With a quickshifter, there is no need to touch either the clutch or throttle. This is enough to take the load off of the drive train so that the new gear can slip into place without any damage. This allows you to keep the throttle pinned while going up the gears. It senses when you are changing gear with the use of some sort of sensor, which more often than not sits in line with your shifting rod. If you cannot get the inline sensors that replace your standard shift rod, there are linear shift sensors that can be fitted in different locations.

The best thing to do is to check the Power Commander website. There you can put in the make and model of your bike and find the right one for you. Click to see prices on eBay for Dynojet Quickshifter. HM Quickshifters use a different type of technology to detect when you are changing gear, technology that many will profess to be better.

The HM quickshifter uses a strain gauge which measures the molecular change in the shift rod when force is applied. This means it is incredibly precise, but also because it has no moving parts, will last longer. It works out more expensive over a Dynojet Quickshifter and Power Commander, but many riders will tell you it is worth the extra spend.

Click to see prices on eBay for HM Quickshifter. Again, this means that the sensor will need to be changed if you decide to change your shift pattern. This feature alone makes it a lot more desirable to many. The stand alone quickshifter comes with a control unit that plugs into your existing wiring loom. There are undoubtedly cheaper upgrades that you can make to your bike that will see greater gains out on the track, but the majority of people will tell you that even given the spend, a quickshifter is one of their favourite additions.

Click to see prices on eBay for Bazzaz Quickshifter. Photo by Klaus Nahr. What is a Quickshifter When travelling at full throttle down the straights, in order to change up a gear, many riders will roll off the throttle, pull in the clutch, click up a gear, release the clutch and then roll the throttle back on again.

It is all completed very quickly, but it does take a bit of time and effort. There is a variety of different applications available. Click to see prices on eBay for Dynojet Quickshifter HM Quickshifter HM Quickshifters use a different type of technology to detect when you are changing gear, technology that many will profess to be better.

The HM quickshifter plugs in to your existing wiring loom. Related Posts.

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